Feed Your Body!

I have never been much for not eating…or cleansing…I need food!! And then a friend told me about the Purium 10 day transformation. When I tried the power shake and the cherry juice and how it felt in my body and that I could also eat veggies I went for it!

I am so glad I did, so much has changed for me since making that decision! I not only feel better physically, less inflammation, more energy, leaner and cleaner, I sleep better, and feel clearer mentally. My eating habits have naturally also shifted to include more raw, nutrient dense foods in my diet.

The biggest change for me is how I feel about my body…even after years of practise, energy work and mind body awareness work on my self I now have a new sense of honouring of my body. My decisions in day to day life now come from that place, creating a healthier happier me! What a joy!

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