Relieve Holiday Stress and get back in the spirit of joy

holiday stress reliefGive yourself a break, come back to balance so you can carry on.

holiday stress relief tipsDo holiday tasks have you feeling stressed out? Is anxiety waking you up at night?

With a small investment of time you can relieve stress symptoms and get back in the spirit of joy.

Holiday Stress Buster Tips:

  1. Breathe – seriously. Stop for just a moment take a deep breath in, 2123772319_7d866f6ce2_olet it out with a sigh, or a louder sound if necessary like “awwwww” then do it again and again, a minimum of 3 times, each time increasing the exhale so it gets longer and longer. You will feel much better after just 60 seconds!
  2. Laugh – yup! At the end of a busy day of errands, working, shopping, and getting last minute tasks done put your feet up and watch a comedy, let yourself go, laugh loud and long. Why? Science is proving that laughter truly is the best medicine.
  3. Feet Up – a very simple and effective posture for the end of a busy day. Simply pick a wall, put a soft folded blanket on the floor holiday stress relieving tipsin front of the wall and get yourself down there with feet up the wall for 15 minutes. Arms can be on your tummy, or with palms up stretched out beside you. Take slow deep breaths, letting the tension melt into the floor. If this seems to daunting lie on your bed or the floor with feet raised – you will still feel the beneficial effects of stopping and resting. Imagine you are in your favorite place, on a beach, or a picnic in a field of wildflowers. Take a 15 minute vacation!

And if you tried all this and more and it isn’t really doing it for you, get assistance!  Energy healing is very effective for relieving stress and anxiety and returning you – all of you – mind, body and spirit back to balance. It is like hitting the “reset” button.

Haven’t tried energy healing? Come in to Root Wellness, which is a holistic wellness clinic located in South Granville for a 15 minute introductory session and experience first hand the benefits it brings.

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Happy Stress Free Holidays!