Simple Stress Relief

One of our greatest tools is the breath. We don’t leave home without it!

No matter where we are going or where we’ve been we can always rely on our breath to help us when we stumble into a pot hole on our journey.

One simple little trick that I like to do, is to pause, and in that split second of stopping the whirl wind of thoughts, emotion and energy that can be part of our every day world, we have opportunity to breathe. In that pause, you can take a nice deep breath in and then release it and if you need to, go ahead take 3!! Even better is to let out the breath with sound such as “ahhhhhhh”, or what ever might feel appropriate for you at the time.

Depending on where we are on our journey, stopping to take 3 deep breaths and exhale loudly may not be possible so another technique that I use often is to slow down the breathe. In other words you can be standing in an elevator, or in the middle of a meeting in the board room and use this technique to help lower stress levels. It is as easy as lengthening the amount of time that you breathe in and out. If you pay attention to a typical breath they tend to be short and sweet depending of course on what we are doing and keeping in mind that we are all of course very different. By slowing down the amount of air that comes into our body and slowing down the amount that leaves our body we can reduce stress levels and feel a level of calm enter our being.

It is particularly helpful to lengthen the exhalation so if it helps you to focus on one element only, focus on making the exhalation slightly longer every time you breathe out, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel after just a few minutes.

You may also notice at the end of the exhalation, there is a little pause, or a little bit of peace, just before the next breathe comes in. It is ever so slight, but it can be found there, I invite you to see what can be found there in that ever so small moment in time.